What I Learned From Johnny Bevan
Nick has fallen out of love with London and his life as a journalist. Forced to review the launch of URBANIA, a new inner-city festival, he starts to remember his shattered friendship with Johnny Bevan, the whip-smart, mercurial kid from an Essex council estate. Back at uni Johnny saved Nick from living his father’s life. Twenty years later, can he save him all over again? Written and performed in visceral, punchy verse by Luke Wright, with a score by Ian Catskilken from Art Brut, What I Learned From Johnny Bevan is a breath-taking poetic monologue about friendship, class and a really bad idea for a festival.
What I Learned From Johnny Bevan Much Wenlock25/04/15MapUK
What I Learned From Johnny Bevan London29/05/15Buy TicketsMapUK
What I Learned From Johnny Bevan Southwold18/07/15MapUK
Decadent boozehound Luke Wright would love to spend his life flouncing around looking fabulous, but back in rural Suffolk he’s got the school run to do. Naval-gazing is all very well, but other people can be magic. In visceral verse, Wright tells stories of ordinary people having extraordinary moments, then sticks a “champagne-rinsed rococo boot” into the swines who run things.
Stay-at-Home DandyOxford22/04/15Buy TicketsMapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyBrighton02/05/15Buy TicketsMapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyLeeds07/05/15MapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyHalifax08/05/15Buy TicketsMapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyNorwich15/05/15MapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyExeter18/05/15MapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyLondon20/05/15Buy TicketsMapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyBury St Edmonds22/05/15Buy TicketsMapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyChesterfield06/06/15MapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyDiss12/06/15MapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyBridport08/07/15MapUK
Stay-at-Home DandyLyme Regis09/07/15MapUK
I'm one of the tour supports for John Cooper Clarke. I usually perform about 25-30 minutes. See more about John at http://www.johncooperclarke.com
John Cooper Clarke TourSt Albans20/06/15MapUK
John Cooper Clarke TourWimbourne Minster23/06/15MapUK
John Cooper Clarke TourTiverton24/06/15MapUK
John Cooper Clarke TourIvybridge25/06/15MapUK
John Cooper Clarke TourHastings10/07/15MapUK
John Coooper Clarke TourLondon11/12/15Buy TicketsMapUK
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